The outcome of a project is not only in its success

Our vision is to create a place or an object that is born from a client-designer-supplier interaction and has the necessary driving force for a changing world.

Harmony, creativity, integrity and dialogue

These characteristics are fundamental because they are a challenge that determines the way we do architecture and engineering. It is what our clients appreciate in us.


Understand the constraints and translate them into technical solutions to realise cutting-edge works.

Architecture and Interior Design

Step by step, day by day, we help and support the client to the choice of his project to build a place where he can live in harmony and well-being using state-of the-art architectural and interior design solutions.

We manage the project from purchase to feasibility, passing through design and execution

The project is the central element of all our ideas and we involve our client in the most important opportunities that the market offers, in step with the wellness objectives that we want the place to have

Due diligence
Risk assessment of the property negotiation

Urban regeneration
Change of use to revalue and enliven the property in harmony and balance with the needs of the client and his place

Regularisation of the property
in terms of landscape and town planning

Customised furnishings
Integrated design and realisation

Green space management
Sustainable design and realisation of terraces and gardens assessment tall trees restoration parks

In tune with the changing world, to be in line, with global scenarios

We propose innovative and restoration projects that are in any case linked to the energy transition and sustainability and that aim, where possible, at zero emissions, decarbonisation and facilitating access to sustainable and modem energy systems.

Giacomo e Leila

We work together to give the client the ideal solution for innovative and restoration projects convinced that creativity, innovation and dialogue are the essential energies of the changing world.